At The Clean Wash, we're committed to providing exceptional laundry and dry cleaning services. For a smooth service experience, kindly review our store policies below:
  • 1. Preparation for Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services
    1.1 Inspection of Articles:
    Please ensure that all items for laundry or dry cleaning are free from pens, lighters, matches, or any other potentially damaging materials. We are not liable for damage caused by such items.
    1.2 Secure Your Valuables:
    Please remove all valuable items before sending your clothes for cleaning. Although we endeavour to return discovered items, we cannot guarantee the retrieval of all inadvertently included valuables.
  • 2. Liability & Damage Policy
    2.1 Inherent Material Weakness:
    Our team processes your garments with utmost care, using methods best suited for each item's type and condition. However, we cannot accept responsibility for damage resulting from inherent defects in materials that are not apparent prior to processing. This includes fabrics like suedes, leathers, silk, satins, and more.
    2.2 Wash & Fold Service:
    We strive for impeccable results. However, certain outcomes like wrinkles due to packaging or residual pet hair/lint due to fabric characteristics may occur. Consider our add-on service for lint/hair removal for optimal results.
    2.3 Color Separation Package:
    Our color separation package is designed to minimize color bleed. If this package is not selected, we cannot accept responsibility for damage due to color bleeding.
  • 3. Stain Treatment & Pricing
    3.1 Stain Treatment:
    Upon request, we offer stain treatment for an additional fee. While we put our best efforts into stain removal, we cannot guarantee complete eradication.
    3.2 Pricing Adjustments:
    We reserve the right to adjust pricing if any price-able items are discovered in the laundry load.
  • 4. Reporting & Refunds
    4.1 Incident Reporting:
    If you notice any damage, including color bleed, please inform us within 48 hours of receiving your order. We cannot accept accountability for incidents reported beyond this period.
    4.2 Claims & Refunds:
    Our liability for lost or damaged items is limited to three times the cost of processing the item. All services are non-refundable. In the event of a recalled order, a transit route fee of up to $20 may be charged.
  • 5. Unclaimed Items
    5.1 Storage of Unclaimed Items:
    We cannot be held responsible for articles left unclaimed, which will be processed in accordance with local regulations.
By using our services, you confirm that you agree to our store policies.